Thor Bjørklund (1889-1975) from Lillehammer invented the cheese slicer in 1925. Bjørklund was carpenter of profession. He constructed the cheese slicer because of the irritation based on the problems with cutting nice slices of the cheese with a regular knife.

The products, which are still produced in Lillehammer, has through the more than 80 years become a classic symbol of Norwegian innovation, quality and design.

The patent
The patent on the invention was registered Feb 27th 1925. Thor Bjørklund's prototype consisted of four pieces; blade with cutting edge, neck, spike and handle.

Even though the cheese slicer has developed over the years, the principles of production are still the same as in 1925. The patent is developed in a way that makes it easy to make slicers for different types of cheese.

Methods, design and material work have followed the development, but the principle is unchanged. The production is extended with numerous new types of slicers, soft cheese slicers, graters, knives and other serving cutlery. Since the start in 1925, the factory has produced more than 50 millions cheese slicers. in the early years, it took 50-60 working operations to make a slicer, which took about an hour.

The history of Thor Bjørklund, the cheese slicer and the company is collected in a book in Norwegian. The book can be bought from our office.

Thor Bjørklund started the production of his smart invention i Lillehammer in 1927. The factory and the cheese slicer have become a natural part of the history of the town and the country.

The invention tempted copiers. Trials were held, but Bjørklund concluded that he couldn't fight windmills. He went for quality, better production methods and reasonable prices. After more than 85 years with cheese slicers as main product, Thor Bjørklund & Sønner AS is still the leading manufacturer. Cheese slicers are made in many countries all over the world, but the real Original comes from Bjørklund.

In 2009 a new chapter started, as the company were bankrupted by the board, consisting of persons representing the largest owner. Production were kept running and the company was bought by GIAX. During first half of 2010 the production was moved together with GIAX' already existing production not far from Lillehammer.

When the cheese slicer was 75 years, a book was made. This can be ordered from us.